Saturday, November 12, 2016

Weekend Cooking- New Thanksgiving Recipes

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I am a purist when it comes to Thanksgiving. My family likes to stick to the basics- a whole roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, my Mom's stuffing (which has no recipe, it's done by instinct and to taste and is delicious), broccoli casserole, rolls or sweet breads and dessert. We don't like to try new recipes at Thanksgiving.

That being said, I love to watch all of the morning shows and cooking shows this time of year because they spend all of November highlighting new Thanksgiving recipes that I do like to try, just not for Thanksgiving day.

The Today Show had chef Jeff Mauro on last week and he made Bacon Maple Pecan Sweet Potato Chips, something that I would definitely put in my appetizer rotation. It starts with making Pig Candy- bacon rolled in brown sugar, baked in the oven and then chopped.

He uses a mandolin to thinly slice sweet potatoes, lays them out on a sheet pan and tops them with a a mix of maple syrup and butter. After baking them in the oven, they get topped with chopped pecans, pig candy and parsley. It looked so fabulous.
Bacon Maple Pecan Sweet Potato Chips- from Today Show
The link for this recipe on the Today Show page is here.

The Today Show has an entire month of Thanksgiving recipes from great chefs and you can get them all here.

Country music star and Food Network show host Trisha Yearwood was on The Chew this week and she made a Turkey and Dressing Casserole. Her recipe is a way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers, but it would be perfect for someone hosting a smaller Thanksgiving celebration, or if you just want to have turkey on a weeknight.
Trisha Yearwood's Thanksgiving Casserole- from The Chew
The recipe can be found at The Chew here.

Do you like to try new recipes for Thanksgiving, or are you more of a traditionalist? Share your thoughts in comments.


  1. Your family Thanksgiving dinner really does hit the high points and I can see why you don't need new dishes on the table. Exploring other recipes before the holiday is a nice thought. I hope you share the results when you try them.

    best... mae at

  2. I'm with you, more of a traditionalist, though usually trying at least one new item for a side dish. "Pig candy" that's a good one!

  3. I think that would be a tad too sweet for me. Have a great week. Cheers

  4. Both of these sounds amazing! I'm definitely saving for future reference :)

  5. Bacon Maple Pecan Sweet Potato Chips?? You're making my mouth water! Yum - I'll have to check that one out.

    Hope you have a tasty Thanksgiving!


    Book By Book

  6. We do a mix of tradition and new. I love all the shows and food magazine this time of year. Even if I don't make a new side dish or a new cookie, I still like to read and watch.

  7. That sweet potato dish looks great and who would not love the pig candy? (sorry to be so late in my visit)