Sunday, October 27, 2019

ArchCare Gala Tasting

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Each October my husband hosts the ArchCare Foundation Gala at Gotham Hall in New York City. The foundation provides services for the frail and elderly in the archdiocese of New York. This year they raised over $1.4 million that evening, a huge success.

Before the gala each year, we attend a tasting at Gotham Hall to choose to menu. We begin with the floral centerpieces, and this year we chose this beautiful autumn arrangement.

We tasted some of the appetizer choices, including a clever meatloaf & mashed, a white truffle mashed potato ball topped with meatloaf. Our other choices included a confit of duck on a crispy sweet potato hashed brown topped with aleppo pepper- orange jam, coconut shrimp beignets, with a carrot-ginger puree and bonito flakes topping, and for the vegetarians, eggplant "meatballs", and figs in a blanket with goat cheese and poppy, coriander-maple topping.

For our first course, which was plated when we sat at the tables, we chose a salad with citrus (clementine and blood orange slices), cucumber oil poached tomato and goat cheese bon bons (so tasty!)  drizzled with a citrus vinaigrette.

Our entree was grilled filet mignon & butterflied lobster tail, served with a tiny twice stuffed baked potato, asparagus, crispy onions and a bordelaise sauce.  Our vegetarian choice was a delicious pumpkin and wheatberry "risotto", that had roasted apple, thyme, goat cheese, wild mushroom and spiced pepita. I thought it was fantastic.

For dessert, we had a flourless cocolate fondant cake, with burgundy-macerated currants and topped with a vanilla chantilly.
A view of Gotham Hall from the balcony

The table


  1. Wow!! Everything looks absolutely delicious and splendid. Good to hear the event was such a success.

  2. Wow! What a fabulous spread, and table settings too.

  3. What a spectacular looking evening and obviously a great success! Thanks for sharing..

  4. First: Congratulations on a successful campaign. Second I feel so sorry for you having to make that sacrifice to taste the food beforehand and then again at the event. What a hardship. LOL. Everything looks fabulous!

  5. Your descriptions are fascinating to me because I'm reading the book "Hotbox" by Lee, which presents the inner workings and history of catering in New York. The book is fascinating, with many details about the tastings, the plating, and the other elements of a catered meal which exactly match your experience!

    best... mae at

  6. That's a great cause, I feel the elderly are often overlooked and they should be cherished.

    Wow on the food!Goat cheese bon bons? If you ever need a taster I am available!