Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday 5ive- November 8, 2019

Welcome to the Friday 5ive, a regular blog post where I write about five things that caught my attention this week.

1) Last week was Halloween, and while some people decorate their townhouses with the usual pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons, I liked this Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) decor outside a townhouse on the Upper East Side.

2) On my way home from work this week, I saw this man walking down the street with a huge balloon bouquet. It would be impressive if he made it to his destination with every balloon intact.  It's interesting the things you see people carrying on the streets of NYC.

3) We attended a gala celebration this week, and at the end of the evening there was a table with a hot chocolat urn, along with whipped cream, marshmallows, and chocolate shavings, right by the front door where you waited for your car. We had a Taco Bar at the end of my son's wedding reception last year, my niece had a Pie Bar at her wedding, and our friends' daughter had pizza delivered from our town's favorite pizza place at the end of her wedding.  (And we've all seen the traditional Cookie Table, where family and friends bake treats for people to take home.) I like this new trend, it's fun and a lovely way to end a celebratory evening. 
Hot Chocolate Station
Pie Bar

4) My husband and I have started binge watching Shameless on Netflix. It's the story of the Gallaghers, a very dysfunctional Chicage family led by William H. Macy as a drunken schemer. The mother left the family, and now it falls to eldest sibling Fiona, played by Emmy Rossum, to hold the six children together by any means necessary. It's funny, crazy, profane and sad, and the cast is fantastic, as are the guest stars. We're almost done with season two, and have eight more seasons to go. (Note- this is a very adult show, MA rating.)

5) I'm back in the reading groove, having read Susan Mallery's romance Meant to Be Yours, the fifth in her Happily Inc series, Maureen Stanton's powerful memoir, Body Leaping Backward, about growing up in a prison town in the 1970s, NatGeo's beautiful coffee table book Epic Journeysand Georgie Blalock's historical novel about Princess Margaret, The Other Windsor Girl

Elin Hilderbrand's Winter In Paradise, is about a woman traveling to the island of St. John when her husband dies there, only to discover that he led a second life she knew nothing about. I devoured it on the beach in Florida and liked it so much I picked up the sequel, What Happens in Paradise, which recently published. You read more about it here at Elin Hilderbrand's website.

I hope you all had a wonderful week, buckle up for the cold weather headed our way.


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