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Friday, November 12, 2010

Rainn Wilson & SoulPancake at Barnes & Noble

Rainn Wilson is known by many people as Dwight Schrute from TV's The Office. He is also involved in a really cool website called SoulPancake, where people are encouraged to "Speak your mind. Unload your questions. Figure out what it means to be human."

He and the SoulPancake team, Devon Gundry (who also sang two songs), Golriz Lucina and Shabnam Mogharabi put the website into book form titled (what else?) SoulPancake- Chew on Life's Big Questions. It is a celebration of humanity, art and spirituality, and it was a very joyful party last night.

Wilson spoke for awhile, answered questions, made people laugh, and played the tambourine while Gundry and Andy Grammer sang a rousing version of A Man of Constant Sorrow. I think that many people came to see Dwight Schrute, and Wilson was gracious as he answered questions about the show, even though he came to talk about his other project.

Rainn's dad, Bob Wilson, was there last night, and Rainn said such lovely things about his dad that the audience "awwed" when he gushed about how much he loved his dad.

It was a wonderful event, lasting over an hour, and the joy that these creative people have for life was contagious in that room. I think they made quite a few converts to their philosophy of life. SoulPancake- Chew on Life's Big Questions is a great book to share with family, friends at a party, and especially college students. It will stimulate your mind and get you to think about things like Art & Creativity, God & Religion, Science & Technology (all chapter titles), in a new way.

 (Postscript- Rainn kept talking about his friend David, who was sitting in the back of the room so I couldn't see him. At the end of the program, David walked up to the table, and I saw that David is David Costabile. He was fantastic as a bad cop in season one of TV's Damages. When he walked by me, I told him how fantastic he was in that show. He creeped me out every time he was on screen!)

Andy Grammer has a terrific voice
Rainn, Devon & Andy
SoulPancake team

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