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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NYC Holiday Windows

Photo by Tattooed JJ

I went on a tour of the holiday windows on Saturday, when the temperature was a sweet 45 degrees. I started with Macy's windows which, as a book lover, was really enjoyable. The story of Yes, Virginia There Is A Santa Claus, and one scene was set in a library- heaven!

Next, I headed to Fifth Ave., which was crazy crowded. Lord & Taylor's windows depicted scenes created from holiday memories sent in by shoppers. Most were very traditional, Moms baking, kids getting a bike, families watching Christmas specials on TV, but I liked the disco Christmas best.

It was up Fifth Avenue to Saks windows, which featured the fantasy of little Annabelle. The design and the clothing were spectacular, so very creative.

Across the street is Bergdorf Goodman, and their windows were similar to Saks. They combined modes of transportation with designer clothes and also were amazing, it's almost sensory overload. It's titled Wish You Were Here.

Barney's were my favorite windows, A Foodie Holiday, featuring famous chefs. The first window highlighted Innovators & Geniuses, like Julia Child and Thomas Keller.

Next was the guys windows, with Mario Batali, Emeril, Guy Fieri and more.

I loved the ladies' window, with some of my favorites- Barefoot Contessa, Paula Deen, Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart and Sandra Lee. They are all wearing Snuggies. Rachael's face is in a clock, representing her 30 Minute Meals, and Sandra Lee has a Cuomo campaign button on.

If you have the chance, make sure to check out the incredibly creative windows around town. Happy Holidays to all!


  1. great post!!
    you should check out this video,
    behind the scenes of the heads being made for the barneys windows!!