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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Weekend Cooking- Quality Eats

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New restaurants open in our neighborhood frequently, and when I saw a sign go up for Quality Eats, I was so excited. It's a special treat going to Quality Meats and Quality Italian in Midtown on the west side, so to have a Quality Eats in walking distance is a good thing.

The day that reservations opened up, I snagged us a Saturday evening one.  The day of our reservation, I got a text reminding me of our dinner, and thirty minutes before dinner, I got another text reminding me. That is a first for me, getting a thirty minute warning.

When we arrived, the place was already very busy, with most of the tables already taken by 6pm.  We got a cozy little table in the back corner of the restaurant, and our server promptly appeared.

My husband reviewed the wine list and chose a bottle of a Rhone blend that was very smooth. For starters, I chose Grilled Boucheron Cheese, served with a side of a toasted pear baguette. It was sinfully good, crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside. I was glad I ate yogurt for lunch that day.

Grilled Bouceron Cheese
For our main course, we both chose the Don Ameche steak, which was a filet that was buttery tender, grilled perfectly medium, and served with a side of salad on top of chicken liver topped toast. (Toast is the big thing here.)
Don Ameche Steak

We shared two sides- Baked Potato Money Bread, which are rolls topped with bacon, butter and chives and quite similar to the delicious bread served at Quality Italian, and Creamed Spinach Hush Puppies, which were also crispy on the outside and filled with gooey creamed spinach inside.
Baked Potato Monkey Bread & Creamed Spinach Hush Puppies
Quality Eats is all about ice cream for dessert, and since I adore the ice cream at Quality Meats, I had to have the Birthday Cake dessert, which is chocolate malted ice cream with diced vanilla confetti cake and vanilla frosting and sprinkles on top. It even comes with a candle, and was the perfect little ending to dinner.
Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Quality Eats is trying to appeal to a younger crowd than its other two restaurants; the prices and portions are smaller, and the atmosphere is a little hipper and more casual, but the food is just as tasty as at Quality Meats and Quality Italian. We'll be visiting our new neighbors often.

Quality Eats website is here.


  1. Looks like you have a great new restaurant near by. I'd like to try making those creamed spinach hush puppies. Wouldn't know where to start though.

  2. I actually prefer smaller portions so this sounds wonderful to me.

  3. I wonder why it's called Don Ameche steak. I thought he was some kind of classic movie idol. You must have really enjoyed all those delicious dishes!

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  4. Sounds like you found another restaurant to enjoy and sounds like they have an interesting menu. I think smaller portions is becoming more popular. Many people that I know that eat out frequently share entrees.

  5. I like the smaller portions too. The food looks wonderful.