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Thursday, September 1, 2022

A Lot Like Forever by Jennifer Snow

A Lot Like Forever by Jennifer Snow
Published by Entangled ISBN 9781649372130
Mass market paperback, $9.99, 307 pages

Novels set in small towns hold great appeal to me as I grew up in a small city. Jennifer Snow's A Lot Like Forever is the third book in her Blue Moon Bay series, and after reading it, I want to go back and read the first two books, A Lot Like Love and A Lot Like Christmas.

Whitney is the hardworking head of tourism marketing for Blue Moon Bay. She has helped many small business owners, including Trent, who owns two bars in the town. Trent and Whitney have been together for seven years and are engaged to be married.

Trent is eager to make wedding plans, but Whitney keeps putting him off. Her mother has Alzheimer's and lives in an adult facility. She is not doing well. Whitney's job is an all-consuming one, and when the mayor's son is appointed as her assistant, she fears that he will take her job.

There's something else that is bothering Whitney, something she is hiding from Trent and her best friends. Trent doesn't understand why Whitney has been so distracted. He loves her, is kind and considerate to her mother, and his family adores Whitney. 

Every time Trent brings up the fact that she works too hard, it pushes Whitney's buttons. All he wants is for them to get married and start a family, but every time he brings the future up, Whitney changes the subject. As a couple they seem to moving further apart. 

Whitney is an independent, proud, strong woman, but as Trent says, sometimes those qualities work against her. He loves her and wants her to be able to lean on him. 

Trent is kind to everyone, including Angel, the divorced mom of two teenage sons, who works in his bar. He takes her two sons under his wing, putting them on his football team and finding them work with his friend's construction company. Whitney fears he may turn to Angel for comfort.

I think many women may relate to Whitney's work situation. She needs her job and it consumes her, sometimes to the point that she neglects Trent and her friends. I also think people may relate to Whitney's reluctance to be honest with Trent. As someone who worked in marketing, I found Whitney's job interesting.

Jennifer Snow also does a wonderful job with Whitney's mom's Alzheimer's. The many families who have to deal with this horrible disease will appreciate the compassion with which the author writes about dealing with a loved one who has it. 

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  1. I am almost done with this myself and really enjoying it! Thank you for being on this tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours