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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jennifer Weiner and all her BEST FRIENDS

I had the pleasure of seeing the delightful Jennifer Weiner last night at Barnes and Noble Lincoln Triangle NYC promoting her newest book Best Friends Forever. She had packed the room with excited women, all eager to ask her questions about her books.

Jennifer seems like your best friend, and she started her talk with some naughty words that had the mostly women in the room howling with laughter. Then she proceeded to dish on things her best friend, editor, sister and sister-in-law had told her. When her sister-in-law told her that she had been married once before for a brief time, Jennifer and her sisters pressed the woman to tell them why the marriage ended. Reluctantly she told them, and Jennifer's recounting of the story was hilarious. (It had to do with soccer- sort of!) My advice to anyone who is related to, works with, or is friends with Jennifer, is be careful what you tell her. It will repeated or used in one of her books, reflected through her prism of humor.

Listening to Jennifer was just like sitting with your best friend, and there was a feeling of being at a lunch with all of your friends last night. Everyone was happy and chatting with the person sitting next to them who, although a stranger a few moments ago, now feels like a friend you have had forever. I've never quite had that experience before at a book signing.

She reminded me of Adriana Trigiani the way in which she spoke so openly with people and made them feel like her friends. She saw one woman in the audience and asked if she was Lauren- she recognized her from her Facebook picture on Jennifer's fan page and gave her a copy of her book because Lauren won the book but hadn't received it yet. She also seemed to remember other fans which whom she had made a previous connection. This is a an author who cherishes her fans and her friends.

I was able to read about 100 pages of Best Friends Forever while I waited, and it is terrific. It's full of humor, pathos and characters you will want to be friends with. I'll post a full review soon.

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