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Monday, August 6, 2012

Broadway at Bryant Park- Week 4

Week four at Broadway at Bryant Park had something for everyone: Sinatra, skiffle, music from a show not yet open, a show based on the movie Silence of the Lambs and fan favorite Mamma Mia.

Cary Hoffman created and stars in his one man off-Broadway show, My Sinatra, the Musical, about his obsession with the man and his music. He sounds like Sinatra, even if he if he looks a little like Mel Brooks. I really enjoyed his performance of the classic Sinatra songs- The Summer Wind, I've Got the World on a String and my favorite, Fly Me to the Moon, which you can see here:

He joked that his obsession began with his bar mitzvah and ended with "my death by heatstroke, here today on this stage." It was hot out there! His show features fifteen Sinatra songs, and I think my husband would like this one.

A show that is opening next month, Chaplin: the Musical gave us a preview with three songs from stars Rob McClure (Chaplin), who performed Someone Other Than Me, Christiane Noll (Hannah Chaplin) who sang Play Your Part and Jenn Colella (Hedda Hopper) who wowed the crowd with her performance of Whatcha Gonna Do? I'm definitely putting this on my list of shows to see.
Rob McClure from Chaplin, the Musical

Christiane Noll from Chaplin, the Musical

Jenn Colella from Chaplin, the Musical

A performance from the cast of the off-Broadway musical comedy, Silence: the Musical,  (notice a theme here this week?) had us all in stitches. Based on the movie Silence of the Lambs, it skewers the movie using only dialogue from the source. The woman who played Clarisse was hilarious, although she sounded more Holly Hunter to me than Jodie Foster. David Garrison is Hannibal Lechter, and they closed their performance with the phone call from the end of the movie.
The cast of Silence, the Musical

The Broadway show One Man, Two Guvnors is not a musical, but it does have a musical group, the Craze, who perform as a kind of Greek chorus on stage. I enjoyed their skiffle music and hope to see them in person in a few weeks.

Fan favorites, the cast from Mamma Mia, had the crowd on their feet and singing along with The Winner Takes It All, Dancing Queen and Waterloo, as seen in the clip below.

Two more weeks of Broadway at Bryant Park, the calendar is here.

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