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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bruce Springsteen at MetLife Stadium- a Set List & Video

My older son and I went to Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band's first show at the new MetLife Stadium in his home state of New Jersey and it was fantastic! He played a lot of favorites, and the new horn addition to the band gives a fuller sound and some more playmates for Bruce. (Although it cut into his playtime with guitarist Little Stevie VanZandt, which I've always enjoyed.) With the death of the Big Man, sax player Clarence Clemons, there is a huge hole, but the new horn section with Clemons' nephew Jake on sax really add a fresh dimension. They did a nice tribute to Clemons during 10th Ave. Freezeout.

The horns really revved up Johnny 99, and I love the Johnny Cash- Ring of Fire sound on We Are Alive. Springsteen pulled a young girl (maybe 8years old) up to sing the refrain for Waiting on a Sunny Day and she was terrific, sang on key and was so cute.

Another cool thing was a Dance Party during Dancing in the Dark. People held up signs saying they wanted to dance with various band members, and Springsteen pulled them up on stage to dance. One guy's sign said he wanted to dance with Patty, Springsteen's wife, and he played with the audience on that one, but he let the guy dance with her. Springsteen himself danced with a little girl who shyly just moved her arms, and he mimicked her moves like a little boy at a school dance; it was adorable!

I've seen Springsteen four times, starting with the Born in the USA tour, and this show ranked up there for energy and a great song list. The show started at 8:30pm (supposed to start at 7:30, but we're on Springsteen time here) and ended at 12:15am.

His set list:
Opened with a Frank Sinatra recording of my favorite Sinatra song, The Summer Wind
Shackled & Drawn
Prove It All Night
The Ties That Bind
Hungry Heart
We Take Care of Our Own
Wrecking Ball
Death to My Hometown
My City of Ruins
Spirit of the Night
E Street Shuffle
Jack of All Trades
Human Touch
Johnny 99 (horns)
Darlington County
Working on the Highway
Easy Money
Promised Land
Waiting On a Sunny Day (little girl)
Mansion On the Hill
Racing in the Street
The Rising
Land of Hope and Dreams
We Are Alive

Thunder Road
Born to Run
Dancing in the Dark
10th Ave. Freezeout
Twist & Shout

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