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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Weekend Cooking- Graze

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Subscription boxes are all the rage now. From Stitch Fix for clothes (which I use) to Birchbox (beauty samples), to BarkBox (treats for doggies), even the Book Of The Month Club has made a comeback. (Anyone else remember Columbia House back in the 1970s, where you got "8 CDs For A Penny"?)

I recently decided to give Graze a try. Graze sends the subscriber a box of healthy treats, eight in a box, for $13.99. The first box is free, which I tried and liked, and soon my first box of eight arrived.

I volunteer at The Book Cellar three to four days a week, a used bookstore located in the Webster Branch of the New York Public Library. The volunteers all share a love of books and lunch four days a week, where the interesting conversation runs the gamut from family to books to current events.

For lunch, I usually bring a yogurt, (Chobani is my yogurt of choice, both for the delicious variety of flavors and the fact that I like the politics of the immigrant owner of the company), maybe a BabyBel cheese, and some sort of snack, like a fruit or cereal bar.

That's where Graze comes in. I tend to get in a rut food-wise, so Graze is a solution to that challenge. I went to the Graze website, and scrolled through the available choices, marking "Trash" (those items I wouldn't eat), "Try" (those you'd be willing to try), "Like" or "Love" for each snack.

Then my box arrived. Each snack comes individually wrapped, and the box contains a Nutritional Fact insert, with the information for each snack, along with a complete ingredient list and allergy information. You can also earn free boxes on Graze, which is a plus.

I brought two of my snacks for lunch this week. The first was White Chocolate Dip and Wild Bluberry Toasts, which was delicious, and only 130 calories. I also tried the Cinnamon Pretzel, which I liked for the contrast of the sweet and salty.

This is a photo of my first box, filled with the snacks I rated highly on the Graze website.

We travel frequently to Florida, and these Graze snacks will also make a perfect treat for the plane. (You never know how long you can be stuck in an airport or on a plane.) I usually stick some fruit cereal bars in my carry-on bag, and they tend to get smushed. These Graze snacks will hold up much better in my bag. As time goes on, I'll know if Graze is for me.

If you are interested in trying Graze, you can use this reward code  W3CX76DTP on the Graze website here.

Have you tried Graze or any other subscription box? Let me know in Comments below.


  1. Thanks for this review. I've been curious about food boxes, and Graze in particular. If I decide to try, I will definitely use your code. I hadn't realized that you could personalize your choices.

  2. I don't get any subscription boxes but I think my nephew gets Graze. A friend of mine subscribes to a sock box.

  3. I've checked out Graze a few times but didn't know if I'd like it or not. I do remember the 8 for a penny deal and joined that club and a few book clubs.

  4. One of my local stores has a huge counter of snack boxes (things like flavored pretzels, trail mix, dried fruit snacks...) that look like those in your photos. I try to keep my buying to a reasonable quantity. A whole order of them would really overwhelm my nutrition plans!

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  5. The Graze idea is interesting. We also travel to Florida alot. We go to Miami area

  6. The Graze idea is interesting. We also travel to Florida alot. We go to Miami area