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Monday, September 9, 2019

National Geographic Almanac 2020

Almanac 2020
Published by National Geographic ISBN 9781426220524
Softcover, $19.99, 399 pages

National Geographic's new series of books are filled with fantastic photos and information, and Almanac 2020- Trending Topics, Big Ideas, Photos, Maps, Facts and More is perfect for anyone wants to know more about our world.

The book is divided into sections- Trending 2020, Exploration & Adventure, This Planet & Beyond, and The Science of Us among them. Each section starts off with Quiz Master, a page filled with questions that will be answered in the following pages.

There are so many interesting facts, such as the Netherlands, a small, cold climate country leads the world in tomato, potato and onion exports. Who would have guessed that? In Austin, Texas, restaurants are required by law to donate or compost unused foods, it can't go to the landfill. In Rwanda, 61% of their seats in the lower House of Parliament are held by women.

National Geographic magazine is known for their incredible photos, and there are many pages filled with the best of them. The ones of the Night Sky are stunning. You will immediately head to their Instagram page to follow them.

They have pages of maps, like the one of the United States National Parks, along with a sidebar of the Secret Gems found there that will help you plan a cross-country trip. If you prefer to travel world-wide, The Off The Beaten Path page has suggestions for the more adventurous places to visit. The map of disappearing languages is enlightening.

The Timeline pages of Human Evolution, Life Science, Earth Science, American History, and more would help trivia fans win contests. The photo graphics of backyard birds, seashells, and telltale tracks of various animals will interest nature lovers.

There is so much rich content here, it's a great book to keep on your coffee table and thumb through when you have a few minutes. You'll learn about the religious holidays of the most popular faiths, popular fairy tales from history and their modern takes,  and a page listing the peacekeeping missions of the United Nations. And for fans of the web series "Fun With Flags " (shout-out to The Big Bang Theory), there are pages of flags of the United States throughout history, state flags, and flags of the world.

Whether you are studying up to be on Jeopardy, have a budding scientist in the family, or are curious about our world (and beyond), Almanac 2020 is a wonderful book for the entire family. The eye-catching graphic layout is not your grandfather's almanac. It would make a great gift.

Thanks to TLC Tours for putting me on National Geographic's tour. The rest of the stops are here:

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  1. I'm on the tour for tomorrow and my kids are STILL going through it. I absolutely loved it but I love that they are still enjoying it, too. Thank you for being on this tour! Sara @ TLC Book Tours

  2. There is nothing like National Geographic. We have always been great fans!