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Friday, October 14, 2022

Friday 5ive- October 14, 2022

Welcome to the Friday 5ive,  a weekly-ish post featuring five things that caught my attention this week. As I look outside my window, it's a glorious autumn day, shining sun and temperatures in the 60s.

1)  I put a bag of Paul Newman's popcorn in the microwave and the bag burst open in the microwave. Luckily it was near the end of the popping process so there weren't unpopped kernels all over the place. If this is a new design where you can serve the popcorn right out of the bag, it appears to be a failure.

2)  I wrote out and mailed forty postcards this week, encouraging women to make a plan to vote. Thanks to Moms Rising for sending me the prepaid postcards with the addresses. I hope you have a plan to vote in this most important election this year, and if you want more information, go to MomsRising.org. 

3)  It's that time of year to get your flu shot. About ten years ago I got a bad case of the flu, and after that I have gotten my flu shot every year and have not had a problem since. I didn't even feel the shot go into my arm, that's how good Helen is. My husband and I both got our shots together, it's a fun date night (or rather, early date morning.)

4)  We have been waiting for the return of the third and final (say it ain't so) season of Derry Girls on Netflix. The show is a sitcom about a group of teenage friends and their families from Londonderry in Northern Ireland during the 1990's. I laugh so hard at this show, and Sister Michael, the school principal, is my favorite. Liam Neeson makes a great cameo in one episode as a policeman interrogating the group about a school break-in. He is hilarious and needs to do more comedic roles. 

5) In this week's reading, I eagerly dug into  an upcoming book by one of my go-to authors. Amy Poeppel has a new novel titled The Sweet Spot coming out in February of 2023. It's a funny, charming, sweet story about a three women who end up caring for a baby who is not theirs. One of the women is Melinda the ex-wife of the father of the baby (who dumped her for a younger woman, successful lifestyle guru  Felicity), one is Lauren, a artist whose works are being sold by Felicity, and the third woman is Olivia, who had an unfortunate interaction with a customer that led to her being fired by Felicity. The setting of Greenwich Village in NYC is another character, and all of the characters are so interesting and well-drawn (my favorite is Lauren's mother-in-law), this one is a perfect happy read. Put this one on pre-order now, it's a great Valentine's gift to yourself or Galentine's gift for your besties.

I hope you have a happy, safe, healthy week. Until next time.

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  1. I admire you for trying to get out the vote. I have so little optimism left, that I can't muster any energy about this incredibly important election. You make me feel a ray of hope.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com