Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jimmy Osmond's Awesome Possum Family Band

Jimmy Osmond's Possum Family Band by Jimmy Osmond & Bob Ostrom
Published by Regnery Kids ISBN 978-1-62157-211-4
Hardcover Picture Book, $16.99

I don't review many children's books, but when Jimmy Osmond's Awesome Possum Family Band  came through, I thought it sounded too cute to pass up and I was right.

Anyone who grew up when the Osmond Family was performing will adore this book. Told from the perspective of the youngest possum in the family, number nine like Jimmy, we see how the youngest member of a large family so wants to be like his older siblings.

The Possum Family Band receives an invitation to appear on a famous TV show (just like the Osmonds did on The Andy Williams Show). Each family member has an important job, from playing instruments to singing to creating posters, making costumes and building stage sets.

But Number Nine is too little to know his talent yet. He makes a mess painting, and nearly burns himself trying to press costumes. His mother tells him to "practice, practice, practice. Success comes with a price."

Number Nine takes that advice and soon discovers that his talent, a sound that his family has been missing in their band.

Jimmy Osmond's Awesome Possum Band will most definitely appeal to the youngest member of any large family, anyone who tries to keep up with his or her siblings. The bright, colorful retro illustrations are also endearing.

I loved the end of the book, where Jimmy has photos of his real siblings and writes about their individual talents; every baby boomer will be nostalgic reading this section. Then he encourages the reader to discover his or her own talent, and there is a space to draw themselves sharing their talent.

This would be a cute gift for the little one in a big family, and I like how it encourages everyone to work together as a family. I highly recommend it. (And for every copy sold, $1 goes to the Children's Miracle Network.)

rating 4 of 5


  1. I wasn't a huge Osmond Brothers fan, but I like the sound of this book. I also like that it ends with the photos.