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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Five- Volume 11

This week's Friday Five is sadly dedicated to the closing of one of my favorite events venues, Barnes & Noble Lincoln Triangle store in NYC. I've seen many terrific authors and Broadway performers there, and I will miss the store and its friendly staff.

Friday Five- Five Fantastic Events I've Seen at Barnes & Noble Lincoln Triangle Store

  • The Cast of Broadway's Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson- The cast, starring the charismatic Benjamin Walker as Andrew Jackson, gave a rollicking performance of songs from their emo-rock show. The guys who played John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay and John Calhoun were hilarious. I bought tickets to the show the next day and it was so worth it. A fun, enthusiastic show.

  • The Cast of Broadway's Promises, Promises- Sean Hayes, from TV's Will & Grace, proved himself to be one of the funniest men around as he asked questions of the cast of his show. He had everyone in the room rolling on the floor, including his castmates.

Patti LuPone
  • Patti LuPone- The Broadway diva dished dirt on her career, including her famous firing from Sunset Boulevard, as she promoted her autobiography, Patti LuPone, A Memoir. She sang five songs for us and it was magical. She gave me goosebumps.

  • Liza Minnelli- Another legend, Ms. Minnelli appeared to promote her new CD, and she sang four songs for the huge crowd of people. She was as great as you thought she would be, and she spoke to everyone who got a CD signed. A classy lady.

  • Jennifer Weiner- I've seen her twice at B&N, and going to one of her signings is like going to a big luncheon with all your best girlfriends. Weiner uses inappropriate language, and if you are a relative or friend or work with her, watch out: she will be making fun of you and telling people things about you you do not want anyone to know. That's what makes her great- she's one of us. But she's one of us who can write fun, moving books. 

RIP B&N Lincoln Triangle. At least I still have 86th St. 

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