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Friday, January 13, 2012

Kickin' It Old-School With The Book Seat

I know that E-readers are the thing now, (I'm actually on my second Kindle now) but I still read physical books. I probably read more physical books, as I use my Kindle only on the treadmill or when I am on the bus or waiting in line.

So this year when my sons asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told them that I wanted The Book Seat. It's a book holder that I found in Acorn, a catalogue I received in the mail. I had never seen this catalogue before, but as I flipped through it, I saw The Book Seat, read all the fabulous reviews online, and put this on my Christmas list.

Usually, my sons send me a link to whatever it is they want Christmas and I just click on the link and order it; this year I turned the tables on them and sent them this link.

I love my Book Seat! I used to get cramps in my hands and fingers from holding a book while reading it. Now my book 'sits' in its beanbag seat, with a flat plastic page holder. It works for all kinds of books- hardcover, paperback, magazines, even the Kindle. I can sit on the couch or read in bed, in total comfort. My fingers and hands are pain-free. It even has a pouch in back for reading glasses.

The Book Seat has changed the way I read! It's advertised as an aid for older people or people with arthritis, and since I'll be getting my AARP card in the mail in the next few months, I guess it's appropriate. But seriously, it makes a great gift for the bookish person in your life.

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  1. I imagine this would make reading a chunkster much more comfortable!