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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Off- Broadway- Talley's Folly

I've seen Danny Burstein in three Broadway shows: South Pacific, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, and Follies. He is talented and holds the stage whenever he is on it, and so I was excited to see him in the revival of Talley's Folly with Sarah Paulson.

It is a two person play, and Burstein is onstage the entire time. He gets to shine in an entirely new way, and his chemistry with Paulson (whom I loved in TV's American Horror Story: Asylum) is fantastic.

Set after WWII in a small Midwestern town, Burstein plays Matt, a Jewish man in love with Sally, a WASPy woman, whose family does not believe him to be suitable for her. (Yes, her name is Sally Talley.)

Matt meets Sally in her family's gazebo, where he does his best to convince her that they belong together. Over the course of the 97 minute play, he learns more about Sally's family and her past, and what happened to her that causes her to be so reticent, so unwilling to believe that she could be in love and loved.

It is such a romantic play, and the performances are lovely, heartfelt and honest. You can feel Burstein's love bursting out of his chest as he throws everything on the wall to get Sally to admit they should be together. Paulson runs the gamut from uptight and sarcastic to broken down as her own emotional walls come down.

Go see Roundabout Theatre Company's beautiful production of Talley's Folly, which has been extended through May 12th. Discount tickets are available, and it has been at the TKTS Booth as well.

Watch a video from the show here.

For more information, visit Roundabout Theatre's website here.

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