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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Cooking- My Food Week in Dewey Beach

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We spent the last week vacationing with my husband's family- all 29 of us- in one house in Dewey Beach, Delaware. We have our must-have places to eat, and I will highlight a few of them in this post.

On day one as the caravan of cars arrive at different times, it was my family's turn to cook dinner for the group. My husband wisely decided to have it catered, and we chose Bethany Blues. They brought pulled pork with two different sauces (smokey bbq and spicy bbq), spinach salad, baked beans, cole slaw and macaroni and cheese. The big winners though were the appetizers- crab dip and skewered shrimp. The crab dip had Chesapeake crabs, artichoke, spinach and parmesan cheese served with baguettes. Even people who were 'meh' about seafood loved it. I did make dessert, and the Reese's Brownie Cookie Stacks I found on Pinterest were a huge hit. (It's cookie dough topped with a mini Reese's peanut butter cup topped with brownie mix and baked.)
Reese's Brownie Cookie Stack

Another must-have is a trip to The Fractured Prune for donuts. Niece Lauren turned us all onto this tasty treat, and every trip my sister-in-law Kay (Lauren's mom), Lauren and I trek over to get five dozen   donuts. And they are all gone in a few days.
I love the purple boxes

The menu
They start with plain donuts, and they dip them in different toppings, so each one is hot and fresh. My personal favorite is Orange Creamsicle, but Reese Cup is the fan favorite.

Every morning, the ladies head out to walk to get crepes and croissants at Cafe Papillon on Penny Lane in Reboboth Beach near the boardwalk. I had my fitbit this year, so we determined that it was a 3.6 mile round-trip. We didn't feel so guilty about eating a croissant after we walked there and back. The walk is so pretty and we enjoyed our treats on a bench overlooking the ocean. It was a fabulous way to start the day!
Cafe Papillon
Mom and Dad treated us all to a barbeque and bonfire on the beach one night. You can hire a company to set up a hugh grill, beach chairs and a bonfire. My husband misses having a grill, so he enthusiastically handled hamburg and hotdog duties. Nephew Chandler plugged in his IPhone and his playlist with Mumford and Sons, the Lumineers, and The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Clash for the boomers was the hit of the night. Every song had us singing along.
Sitting around the bonfire

Next week I will share some of the wonderful homemade dinners. Each family takes a night to cook, and this year the older grandkids shared their culinary skills with us. We loved it!


  1. That crab dip sounds awesome. I haven't been to the Delaware shore in years, but I'm going to remember that place.

    I would gladly get in my fitbit steps for a trip to that cafe! What a fun tradition.

  2. Sounds like a great time, foodwise and familywise. I think that's the only time I ever eat doughnuts, on a beach vacation!

  3. What a wonderful vacation! It sounds like just the sort of family event that memories are made of. Thanks for sharing your photos and recommendations!

  4. What a fun time. I love thinking of you all singing around the campfire after a cookout. Classic evening at the beach!