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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Weekend Cooking- First Avenue Street Fair

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It's summer and that means street fairs pop up everywhere. Today's street fair is one block from my apartment and I stopped by on my way to run errands.

PopUp Events runs this particular street fair, and they set aside one block for most of the food vendors. I wandered through but didn't eat anything, although I was greatly tempted.

My husband always stops to get a sausage, peppers and onion sandwich but alas, he was on the golf course today.

There were some food trucks there too, like the Urban Lobster and very popular and delicious Korean Kimchi Taco trucks. I've eaten at the Kimchi Taco truck and it is fantastic.
Urban Lobster

Kimchi Korean Taco
Virgil's BBQ had a big crowd, and if we didn't have Mighty Quinn BBQ for dinner last night, I would have brought this home for dinner.

The Porchetta stand looked good too. I should have stopped there!

I was happy to see Josie's Bakery there, and that was the only place I did make a purchase. I got a Boston Creme Cronut for breakfast. A cronut is a combination croissant and donut, filled with creme inside and frosted on top. It is sinfully good.

I do not know what a Bruffin is, but whatever it is, these ladies were selling them. (I looked it up- it is a broiche/muffin combination.) I'm not sure about that one.

This particular street fair was ten blocks long and since it was such a beautiful day, the place was packed. 

The street fair reminds me of a mini State Fair, and I miss being able to go to the NY State Fair in Syracuse every year. This will have to do for now.


  1. I'm not sure there's much that smells better than a sausage, onion and pepper combo. I could be completely stuffed and the smell would make my mouth water. This sounds like a fun street fair and the food choices are amazing. Your Boston Cream Cronut has me wanting to run to the nearest bakery. That sounds absolutely amazing!

  2. What a treat, that you can walk to a great street fair. That is one disadvantage of living in the country.

  3. I do love the whole food truck concept but oh man it is hard to choose what to eat when there are so many of them in one place.

  4. I think this beats the Great NY State Fair! ;-)

  5. Like Claudia I also live in the country, very rural, and I would love to have access to such cool food trucks! What an amazing offering of different foods!

  6. Isn't it sad that there's so much to eat that you can never try all those great street fairfoods!

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  7. Oh that sounds wonderful! We have a food truck fair coming up in July in CT and we are looking forward to going to that for the delicious food and fireworks!

  8. How fun-the calamari sounds tempting.

  9. I love a good street fair--the sights, sounds and smells and all that yummy food. That Boston Creme Cronut sounds amazing! ;-)

  10. I love the idea of food trucks ... I really need to check them out next time I'm in the city. Sorry I was late getting here this week -- we were out of town.

  11. I love food truck events! When we were in NYC for the Macy's parade, we even ordered out Thanksgiving meal from a vegan food truck. It was so good!

  12. We have a handful of food trucks around here and our neighborhood got one to come to our Music in the Park Memorial Day celebration. I LOVE the idea of a street fair!