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Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday 5ive- 4th of July Edition

I missed posting a Friday 5ive last week, but I have a good excuse- we were in Boston with our family! So this week's edition is a road trip to Boston and Portland, Maine.

1) One word- boats! We stayed at a beautiful boutique hotel, The Boston Yacht Haven Inn and Marina, right on the harbor in Boston, just a short ten minute ferry ride to see our family in Charlestown. Directly  outside our window were stunning yachts, including this one- the Invictus. It looked like a cruise ship, not a yacht. We looked it up and found out that you and 11 of your closest friends can rent the yacht for a mere $600,000 per week. Stay for a month, you can afford it.
The Invictus

2) Boats- Part 2- The USS Constitution is docked in the Charlestown Navy Yard. It's the oldest commissioned naval ship and you can visit the ship and museum. On July 4th, the ship circled the harbor and it was pretty majestic to see it moving through the water.
The USS Constitution

3) From Boston we made our way up to Portland, Maine. There are so many cute little mom-and-pop shops and fabulous restaurants. We took a boat tour of the city, and then visited the Portland Head Light at Fort William Park in Cape Elizabeth.  There are plenty of picnic areas and a few food trucks too. The views from the lighthouse are stunning, I highly recommend a trip there if you go to Portland.
Our team at the lighthouse- this is the spot for the photo

4) When our sons were little guys, they loved fire trucks. Whenever a fire truck went down our street, the boys, their dad, and our dog Malcolm would take off running to see what was happening. Portland has a tour that takes place on a renovated fire truck, and all I could think of when I saw it was that my guys would have loved to do this when they were little. They weren't so keen on it now that they are older.
Vintage Fire Truck tour

5) The guys did however want to go to Bissell Brothers Brewery. I've never been to a brewery (I'm not a beer fan, ten cent Genny screamers when I was in college cured me of that), but I found it very interesting. It is a true family affair, with lots of parents and their little children there. (Maybe they should put in a play area.) There were all age groups there as well, parents and grandparents, I found that fact fascinating. They had a food window before went into the brewery itself, with some tasty looking nachos being served that day. The guys were hoping to score some of Blowing Smoke cans of beer that Bissell Brothers made in conjunction with a Brooklyn brewery, The Other Half. Everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Blowing Smoke

Bonus: Tomorrow I will have a special edition of Weekend Cooking, with some of the great restaurants we visited.


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  1. My son took a beer trip to Maine and loved everything about Portland and the state. One of my favorite breweries is in Portland - Allagash - and I would have had to go there if I'd been with you.