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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Talbots celebrates BEA

I was walking by Talbots clothing store on 3rd Ave. & 72nd St. after the big Book Expo celebration (BEA), and saw that Talbots has used a literary theme for their summer line. It's called Novel Ideas and it features stacks of books. Great timing on Talbots part!

I took these pictures and it put a smile on my face.

I'm working on my BEA recaps and will have them ready by the beginning of next week. It was a fabulous week; I learned so much at the Book Bloggers Convention, met terrific authors, and brought back way too many books according to my sons.


  1. I really enjoyed meeting you at BBC. That is really cool that they used a novel theme at Talbots!

  2. Also, I noticed my blog in your blog list, you may want to update the link to this: http://savvyverseandwit.com

  3. Thanks Serena, will do. It was great to meet you too- hope your dog is doing better.

  4. I love those store windows. I might buy more clothes if more displays looked like that. I am looking forward to your BEA recap posts.

  5. It definitely made me want to go inside and buy something just to encourage their brilliant marketing strategy.

  6. Thanks for the fun post... we are book freaks over here! Any time you have an awesome recommendation, send it my way. Any summer reads you're crazy about?

  7. Sophie- Thanks for the nice comment. I do have some great suggestions for summer reading.
    Anne LaMott's Imperfect Birds
    Anna Quindlen's Every Last One
    and a new writer, Michelle Young-Stone's Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors.
    All of them are very emotional,. If you have any suggestions, please send to me as well.
    I like the Talbot's website; thanks for the link.