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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Catch Me if You Can at Macy's

Last week my husband dragged me to Macy's because he needed shorts. I went (reluctantly), and got a big surprise. When we first walked in, I saw two women wearing bright blue stewardesses outfits, but they looked very dated. Then it struck me that they looked like the stewardesses from the Broadway musical, Catch Me If You Can.

We go upstairs, and the lovely ladies are there announcing that there will be a performance of three songs from Catch Me If You Can, in the men's department. Hallelujah! I told my husband to take his time, I would be enjoying the show.

Tom Wopat, who plays Frank Abagnale Sr. started the party with the song "50 Checks", which is on the cast recording CD, but not in the show. Too bad- it's a great song, and he is terrific. I loved him in the show.

Kerry Butler plays the love interest Brenda, and she belted out "Fly, Fly Away", her only big song in the show, which is a shame because she has a fantastic voice.

Aaron Tveit plays Frank Abagnale Jr, con man extraordinaire, and he sang "Good-Bye". He is so fabulous in the show, and he makes you forget that Leo DiCaprio played the role in the movie, no small feat indeed.

I saw the show and thought its was terrific- it is nominated for Best Musical this week at the Tony's, and while it probably won't win, if you are in NYC and want to see a fun show, go see it. Norbert  Leo Butz (nominated for a Tony) is unbelievable, and has the show stopper song, "Don't Break the Rules" that is amazing.

You never know what's around the corner in NYC- a Broadway musical preview at Macy's on a week night. I got to meet the stars and tell them how much I enjoyed the show.

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