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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Movie Review- Then Came You

If you've ever thought of visiting Scotland, but can't because of the pandemic, watch the movie Then Came You, now available on demand. Kathie Lee Gifford (who wrote the screenplay) is Annabelle, widowed a year ago, who heads out on a world-wide trip to visit all of places she and her husband never got to see, places from their favorite movies. 

She begins her journey in Scotland, where she will be staying at a castle, Awd's Inn, owned by Howard Awd, wonderfully played by Craig Ferguson. Howard is valiently trying to keep his family's home afloat by turning it into an inn, but things aren't looking good.

Howard picks up Annabelle at the train station, and they don't exactly hit it off. His Scottish sense of humor is not appreciated by Annabelle, but she is charmed by the beautiful castle/inn. As they get to know each other, it is clear that there is more than a friendship there. Howard's fiancee, played by Elizabeth Hurley, may not appreciate their blossoming relationship however.

If you are a romantic comedy fan, Then Came You will tick off all the boxes for you. If you watched Craig Ferguson when he cohosted a week of Today's fourth hour with Kathie Lee, you know they have an  amazing chemistry. Their quick-witted repartee shines through in this delightful movie, and watching them open up to each other is heartwarming.

Adriana Trigiani expertly directed this lovely movie, and she perfectly captures the beauty of Scotland. I wanted to walk through my television to wander the highlands and through the rooms of the beautiful Awd's Inn. The set design and decoration is just stunning, the costumes are gorgeous, every detail about this movie works so well.

Craig Ferguson has always been known as a very funny man, but he attains leading man status here. He balances the humor with emotion so well. (He's very handsome too!) Ford Kiernan plays his best friend Calvin, and he is a delight. And Wally the dog, who becomes Annabelle's constant companion, will bring a smile to your face.

Then Came You is the perfect movie to get us away from the craziness of these times, to take us out of ourselves.  It will make us laugh, open up our hearts, and give us hope. I highly recommend it, it had me smiling from ear to ear the entire time. 

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