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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Charlie Brown Christmas- The Making of a Tradition

There is a special place this time of year for A Charlie Brown Christmas. Every year as a child, my family would look forward to all of the Christmas specials, but this one in particular. The beautiful music, the snowflakes falling, and oh that Charlie Brown tree. Hasn't everyone at one point in time has had a Charlie Brown tree?

This year It! Books, a Harper Collins imprint, has published a gorgeous commemorative book, A Charlie Brown Christmas- The Making of a Tradition by Lee Mendelson with reminiscences by Bill Melendez that is a beautiful gift for anyone who loves this TV special.

The book is filled with fabulous photos not only from the show, but also of the creators, along with photos and sketches from the actual production. There is also sheet music for "Christmas Time is Here" and "Linus & Lucy" in the chapter about Vince Guaraldi.

We learn about Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz through interviews with producer Lee Mendelson and animator Bill Melendez. The highlight of the book is the illustrated script of A Charlie Brown Christmas. It is absolutely wonderful, and just brings a smile to your face as you page through this section.

A Charlie Brown Christmas- The Making of a Tradition has found a special place among my Christmas decor and if you like to decorate for the holidays with books, this one is must-have. And if you know of anyone who loves Charlie Brown, this is a terrific gift.

You can find it more info here.

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