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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weekend Cooking- NYC Holiday Markets

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Every year I look forward to visiting the Holiday Markets at Bryant Park, Columbus Circle and Union Square. They are outdoor shops set up and filled with local craftspeople and great restaurants. You can find unique gifts and I get a lot of Christmas shopping done there. You never know what is around the next corner.

Bryant Park has a lot of jewelry, Columbus Circle has many beautiful children's clothing and toy shops and Union Square has lost of crafts, many from Brooklyn it seemed.

If you wanted to go just to eat, you would have your choice of international cuisine, all located in one spot. Columbus Circle puts most of them together in a long row and you could go from Korean BBQ to  fancy cheese to Thai food to Hong Kong Street food to empanadas to Greek food and of course, chocolate.
Cheese shop at Columbus Circle

Bryant Park has its food spread out mostly along the outer walkways. WichCraft has a grilled cheese and soup stand next to the meatball stand near Josie's Creations which sells heavenly croissant/donuts (think cronut) that I always have to bring home for everyone to enjoy.
Croissant/donuts filled with custard- yum!

Usually I will stop by Toparepa grab an arepa- corn pancakes filled with mozzarella cheese. They are so tasty and easy to walk and eat. Max Brenner has a popup of his chocolate shop and I am addicted to his hazelnut and chocolate dusted pecans; they are sinful. Jacques Torres also has a popup with cute chocolate Santas and snowmen. I have been known to grab a chocolate chip cookie for a treat there. 
Jacques Torres 


Max Brenner Chocolate

Bryant Park also has a sit down restaurant called Celsius that is set up next to the ice skating rink where you can have a leisurely lunch or dinner with a drink and watch the skaters.
New York City is a wonderful place to visit for the holiday season and if you ever have the chance, be sure to check out the various holiday shops. It's a great place to spend the day!

The link for Columbus Circle Holiday Market is here.
The link for Bryant Park Holiday Market is here.
The link for Union Square Holiday Market is here.


  1. Sigh. We can go to a grocery store! LOL. There's one kind of lame indoor winter farmers' market. But there are good things about small town living too.

  2. Love the market - if only we could visit one time! Hope you have a lovely Christmas, Diane. Cheers

  3. I wonder if my daughters know about these markets. They sound wonderful! We have Quincy Market in Boston, which I haven't been into in a long time.

  4. Oh, I wish I had the time to visit during the holiday season! Maybe next year. Your photos make me long to be there!