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Friday, July 3, 2015

On Broadway- On The 20th Century

Everyone was excited to hear that Kristin Chenoweth was playing the role of movie star Lily Garland in the Broadway revival of On The 20th Century, a role that was tailor-made for her, and she definitely delivers on that promise. Lily Garland is a star and so is Kristin Chenoweth.

But the surprise for me was how great Peter Gallagher is in the role of Oscar, Lily's former mentor, a producer who desperately needs Lily to star in his next stage production or he will lose everything. Gallagher is a wonderful actor and he goes all-out in this role. He sings fabulously and his comedic chops are honed to perfection.

The cast of On The 20th Century is an ensemble that blends seamlessly together, from the four porters who vigorously open the show with a energetic tap dance that mimics the sound of a train to Tony-nominated Andy Karl, who steals the show with his physical comedy and hunky looks as the beefcake but intelligence-challenged Bruce Granit (my favorite performance) to Mark Linn-Baker and Michael McGrath, Oscar's right-hand men who are trying to make Oscar's plan work to Mary Louise Wilson as Leticia Peabody Primrose, the pious possible savior of Oscar's dream.

Everything in this production works here, from the staging to the costumes to the singing, dancing and acting, it all comes together to create an evening of fun and entertainment for the entire audience. It is an energetic show, with lots of moving parts and set changes and it all depends on everyone to play their part to make it work. Chenoweth and Karl have a great chemistry, and both earned their Tony nominations that in another year they would have won easily.

On The 20th Century is a limited run production, it ends July 19th, and if you can, go see it before it closes. It is a classic American show and this is a joyous production with a fantastic cast. Discount tickets are available.

 On The 20th Century's website is here.

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