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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekend Cooking- Louies Modern in Sarasota, Florida

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We visited friends in Sarasota, Florida a few weeks ago and we went to dinner at a wonderful restaurant in the lovely downtown area,  Louies Modern.

First we made a stop at Bookstore 1, which is a wonderful place to find a good read. The store is welcoming, and their organization and displays are carefully thought out and curated. I could have spent hours browsing there. The staff was very helpful and friendly too. If you ever find yourselves in downtown Sarasota, stop by Bookstore 1.
Bookstore 1 (Photo from website)

Then it was on to dinner at Louies Modern. You walk into a large welcoming bar area on the left, with a wall opposite the bar filled with tons of bottles of wine. They have an extensive wine and cocktail menu, something for everyone's taste.
Bar area of Louie Modern (photo from website)
The dining room is huge, which is very different form most Manhattan restaurants. It's a very open area, with high ceilings and the kitchen is open all along the far wall. If you like watching the action in the kitchen, get a table close to it.
The kitchen area is on the right (photo from website)
I liked the menu, it was inventive without being too precious. They had a special Savor Sarasota menu, with three courses for just $29, and I chose from that one. I started with the Louis 1289 Salad, which was organic greens and hearts of palm with strawberries, shaved heirloom carrots and goji berry vinaigrette. It was delicious and I never would have thought to combine carrots and strawberries. The dressing was refreshing and light.

For my entree, I chose the Rotisserie All Natural Chicken, glazed with agave honey, and served on top of a poblano romesco sauce. Again, not a combination I thought would work, but it was fantastic. I'm not a big romesco sauce fan either, but the sweetness of the glaze and the spice of the poblano romesco sauce complimented each other so well.

The hit of the meal was the side serving of carmelized mashed cauliflower. I have never had mashed cauliflower, but this was so incredibly tasty, I could have eaten an entire meal of it. I will definitely be on the prowl for a good cauliflower mash recipe that I can substitute for mashed potatoes when I cook.

My husband and I shared the Peruvian Chocolate Gateaux, served with an anglaise sauce, which was a fine end to the meal.

Our dining companion had the Burrata for an appetizer, which is served with a local tomato salad, pickled cippolini, and a foccacia stick, all served on a salt plate. This is one of Louie Modern's signature dishes, and it has such an creative plating.
Burrata served on a salt plate (photo from website)

Our trip to downtown Sarasota was a quick one, but I would love to return when I have more time to explore this lovely area.

Louie Modern's website is here.


  1. The bookstore looks so cozy and your meal sounds wonderful. I could probably eat my weight in that salad!

  2. That restaurant sounds amazing, and the price is crazy reasonable. I've always been curious about mashed cauliflower, and now I know to give it a whirl. And, well, a bookstore? Yes, please.

  3. Oh, wow. That all sounds so wonderful. I'd never think of pairing carrots and strawberries either. Aren't these chefs creative? We're going to dinner with some friends this evening and will have a special 3-course meal. I'm going to try to not freak anyone out by taking some pictures. If I remember anyway. I'll share them next week.

  4. You eat at some of the most amazing places! This sounds absolutely fantastic and the chicken sounds delicious. I love the sweet and spicy flavor combination. And now I have 2 places to add to my visit list when I go to Sarasota.

  5. My favorite thing about traveling anywhere, trying new foods and restaurants. Looks like you found a winner there in Florida.

  6. that restaurant is so huge! Salt plates - interesting - I assume they can't be reused. Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

  7. Sounds like you had a great time. Haven't been to Sarasota in ages, you were only 5 hours south of me 😃

  8. We visit friend in Sarasota at least once during the winter. I'd love to eat at this restaurant!

  9. Buratta is my new obsession! Thanks for the restaurant recommendation - my parents have moved closer to Sarasota for winter - maybe we can visit this place next time I go.