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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekend Cooking- Two Winning Pinterest Recipes and One Dud

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Last week I decided to try a new Pinterest recipe for Cheesecake Copycat Chicken Madeira. Many Cheesecake Factory recipes have way too many calories and a high fat content, but perusing this one, it seemed to be fairly easy to make and not loaded with calories.

The only thing that gave me pause was that it called for three cups of Madeira wine in the sauce. That seemed like a lot to me, and instead of following my instincts, I followed the directions.

The result? The wine overpowered the sauce, and the dish lacked flavor for me. The entire dish just didn't gel for me. I deleted that pin so that I wouldn't accidentally make it again.

Undaunted, I pushed forward and tried two new recipes one week later. This time it was Chicken Milanese with a Sage-Lemon-Butter Sauce from Food & Wine magazine, which I paired with a Creamy Parmesan Rice from the blog South Your Mouth.

Using a recipe from Food & Wine is pretty foolproof as they test their recipes themselves. I usually make Bobby Flay's Chicken Milanese recipe, but the Sage-Lemon-Butter Sauce sounded good to me, and boy was it ever. The sauce added a big jolt of flavor to the chicken and the rice dish. It was easy to make, and after adjusting the seasonings at the end, it was perfect.

The recipe received a five star rating on the Food & Wine website, and I highly recommend it. You do have to simmer the sauce for about 20 minutes, so this recipe does take almost 45 minutes to prepare. The link to Chicken Milanese with Sage-Lemon-Butter Sauce is here.
Chicken Milanese with Sage-Lemon-Butter Sauce
(photo from Food & Wine website-ʩ Fredrika Stjärne)

To go with the Chicken Milanese, I found this Creamy Parmesan Rice recipe on Pinterest from South Your Mouth. The biggest difference is that you cook your rice in a mixture of water and milk, which  made for a much creamier rice dish that worked wonderfully with the chicken dish. I didn't use a quick cooking rice, and that really makes a difference. Simmering the rice while you are cooking the Sage-Lemon-Butter Sauce for 20 minutes means that everything is ready at the same time. The recipe for Creamy Parmesan Rice is here.

Have you made anything from Pinterest lately? let me know in comments.


  1. Oh those last two recipes look awesome. Especially with the fresh sage I can get from my garden. We had a semi-dud last night too and -- like you -- I had my doubts about the milk to egg ratio in the savory tart but went with the recipe because it came from a trusted magazine. The stupid thing never solidified. I'm wondering if anyone actually tested that recipe.

  2. Those dishes sound wonderful - tasty indeed. I like the idea of cooking the rice in both water and milk. And you are right about the Cheesecake Factory dishes. Mostly when we go there, I get some kind of light salad. Have to make room for the cheesecake, right? LOL

  3. I love a Chicken Milanese and that lemon sage butter sauce just sounds too amazing. I've had good luck with South Your Mouth recipes as well and that rice sounds delicious. Sounds like your 2 winners make up for the dud!

  4. That chicken and rice sound like a perfect combination! I will be trying that rice for sure.

  5. I have made a few pinterest ones but usually from Six Sisters Stuff! I did make a zuchinni bread that was good but i want to try the fritters i found for zuchinni next

  6. Sage lemon butter sauce - sounds super. Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

  7. Chicken Milanese with a Sage-Lemon-Butter Sauce sounds (and looks) delicious. I love pinterest, I cook at least one new dish from pinterest each week and like you I delete the 'fails' so I don't accidentally retry them lol. I'll have to see if I can find you on pinterest.

  8. Ditto that sage lemon butter sauce is getting pinned!!!
    Had a real dud this week - decided to be fancy making hamburgers and did the egg and bread crumbs - yuck more like a meatloaf.

  9. Sometimes you just have to follow your instincts on measurements with cooking. That chicken Milanese sounds delicious !